The Witch Doctor’s Manifesto

The Witch Doctor’s Manifesto

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The Witch Doctor’s Manifesto


It is my mission to bring magic to your business. When you look at the fastest growing and most profitable businesses today it may seem they achieved this through magic. They did not. They did it using software. When Silicon Valley uses the word “Disruption” they are talking about the process of targeting a market inefficiency with software that gives them a competitive advantage. I can help your business become a disrupter!


I am a developer with disciplined problem-solving approaches, a solid grounding in software engineering techniques, and the mental and physical fortitude to see your work through. I am an application developer. The applications I create for you will work on any web compatible software platform. Many job listings post a ridiculous number of qualifications for their candidates. This is a natural consequence of the software platforms their applications run on. Exhaustive lists of required experience with specific programming technologies is folly and a needless inflationary pressure in the cost of your development process.

Project Management

I create successful relationships with clients that produce valuable products with an emphasis on business value. Clients contract with me for a single “sprint” (usually a continuous 40-hour work week) at a flat fee and give a prioritized list of desired features for their product. In return, I deliver a working product that implements the requested features in priority order. All implemented features will be complete and bug free within the first 30 days of development. If during development I discover your requirements are more comprehensive than we understood I will notify you immediately and request the terms of the arrangement be renegotiated. After product delivery the client and I meet, discuss the delivered product and whether you have any further needs.

If budget is an issue for you our “sprints” will be scaled so you can still derive business value – instead of doing one – 40 hours sprint, we can work a two or three-day sprint. Billing can occur at an hourly rate, product delivered rate, or time/cost estimate rate with this understanding: The only way to know how long a piece of software takes to write is to write it, thus the word “estimate”.


Telecommuting is one of the best innovations to come to software development in the history of the profession. I work efficiently remotely and can accommodate customers who desire on-site work at additional costs. Growing your business in a profitable manner while working magic as an application developer is what I do best.

Let’s Bring Magic to your Business!

Let’s Bring Magic to your Business!

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